Who are your Children….Light Worker, Indigo, Crystal, Karmic or a Bridger?

Who are your Children….Light Worker, Indigo, Crystal, Karmic or a Bridger?

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Morning all.

Today’s subject is something I have been asked about for some time now ….so lets clarify.

Which child are you living with?

1950 to 1970 where the Light Workers

Those that nurtured, kept the peace, where great foundations and support for the new generations to come.

(Amethyst being the crystal to balance and support them all.)

1970 to 1990 Indigo Children where being born

Those that had dietary concerns, that did not like to conform to societies way of living and stirred up may issues in the way we lived.

(Citrine being the crystal to balance their energies.)

1990 till 2010 Crystal Children where born

Beautiful children and most with blue eyes. They came into this world to bring people back together. All of a sudden both men and woman boys and girls all of a sudden started hugging and families connected more.

(Rose Quarts needed in the home to balance the new energies.)

2010 to 2030 The Karmic Children

The children that are arriving now have mostly now Karma attached to them this life time, so they are hitting the ground running. No consequences, no right no wrongs, just full charge into life. You will have to speak to theses little cherubs differently. They are here to get our world back on track. Those beautiful deep brown eyes will sum you up in an instant and may even let you know what they feel quite bluntly and mater factual too.

(Rainbow Quartz needed to balance these new energies coming in.)

Now know that their where scouts that came in early and stragglers that came in late of theses timings.

For a logical mind set world this may help you relate and understand your little ones and that is all this information is written for……

Doreen Virtue many years ago had spoken about this subject, so it is not new, but just thought you may like to know.

Just to finish off our Light Workers, that means me have been assigned a new job and that position is called The Bridgers. Many of us have passed now as they did not take up their assignments but I know I was still valuable to this world. A Bridger is a person that is mending the gaps in this world and may even understand better the new karmic children giving them a solid foundation to protest upon.

Well that was interesting don”t you think….let me know about your little cherubs and if it helped you understand them a wee bit more.

Thank you

I may write more on each group soon…any questions

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