We all live in a Multi Dimentional World

We all live in a Multi Dimentional World

When I am doing a Reiki attunement I describe it this way.

Our first Dimension was creation …. second Dimension was us developing …… third dimension is what we have developed into …… At this time i would just like to share the thin vale between the 3rd & 4th Dimensions called the Bardo. The Bardo refers to the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. This is where suicides, compilation time and quick turnaround souls reside. (more on that in another blog)  ……. forth Dimension is where our awareness resides. Where a Reiki brings your awareness too. Where we become a lighter being seeing hearing understanding and feeling more. Where we reconnect to fairies angels unicorns and so on. I promise i will write more on each Dimension as it is a big subject. The we have the fifth where Reik 11 energies are lifted and sixth Dimension where Reiki Masters levels energies are at….. Lifting to a higher level may send you to another life as the light body will be too light for this physical earth bound body, but in saying that their are those of strong light bodies here…..usually for a short time not a long time.

This world is a Multi Dimensional world, so this means we live in many Dimensions  with many levels of energies within us and many paths we may choose to take. The higher your energies means Multiple Dimensions possible …. lower energies less Dimensions possibly travelled. This supports how we journey through this world….either the lower path the higher path or the middle of the road path…I choose the middle of the road path.

So have i answered a few questions or have i opened your inquisitive channels and you would like to ask more….well ask away.

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