True Love

True Love

Hello again

Well we are in February and February brings up lots of romantic thoughts. On the 14th February we celebrate Valentine’s day , but what is or who is our true love or lover….

Today I would like to talk about Twin Flames and Soul Mates energies….

Soul Mates are exactly that they are Soul….Mates. We have connected with theses souls before in other lifetimes as wifes, lovers or partners and in this lifetime we connect with them again because we have not completed or need to heal that relationships ie: We dies giving birth and left or they may have thought abandoned them. Think on how many scenarios there may have been like this stored as memories in your DNA and how many of those thoughts have activated in this lifetime…”many lives many sole mates“. We are mating again to heal, grow, learn and complete a journey.

Twin Flames are the other half of us. Hmmm you say…..When we meet our Twin Flame we know it cause we probably will disagree with them lots…they may annoy us because they are the other half of us….our opposite. They are our true love partner. The story goes that as souls we all come here as androgynous beings …. whole beings, being both male and female. Then in the grand wisdom of life we all split and ventured off into different directions, sometimes being male sometimes being female in existences. In all our lifetimes we grow and learn and getting closer to ourselves again…to become whole again. A Twin Flame is the ultimate love of self and when self is loved then their whole environment including Soul Mates are in love too. Twin Flame may come in as a partner if needed, but they can also come in as a guide or just energy as we grow to love self we become whole. Both male and female again.

True Love comes when we give ourselves time to find ourselves. Finding and loving both our light side and our shadow side. We know when we have come back home to self. Life will be grand and only then can you share your life with many.

This is just my opinion, but I hope it has given you food for thought.

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