Now what do season have to do with us….

Well….as the clouds come over dark and the rain comes down tapping my window I thought I would share our own habits and patterns through the seasons as a Homo Sapien species.

So….Winter is a time to hibernate, slow down and reflect on the year that has been. We may not eat as much as we are wanting to as there is less activity in our lives. It is a time where we are slow enough to see clarity for your future desire. Dreaming big and enjoying our beds. We come together in winter to find our peace and balance.

……..Spring is a time to feel the warmth on our backs and start moving forward into the clarity we may have received in our winter. We become more active and eat more and start a new schedule of healthy eating and exercise. We become game venturing out and trying new things. With zest and energy as we stretch from our winter hibernation time. Everything feels new, fresh and blooming colours all around us.

………Summer when the sun is high we have more light in our day to do more exciting things. Adding lots more habits and patterns to our life. We feel revitalised thinking we can do anything, having the strength and wisdom to do just that. This is a time where we eat light and nibble more. Summer brings plans and ideas to a head where life feels comfortable and secure.

………Autumn brings in the winds clearing away what we have built on shaky grounds. It allows you to filter out what is not needed in your life so you may discard and refine your patterns and habits. Autumn is a time where we change lots of things in our life only to gather and then review it all in Winter. Autumn is a time to see the beauty in you, believe in you and find you again. Asking that question what is important to me.

Life itself is full of seasons. Which one do you think you are in now or are you in sync with with the rest of your world around you right now?

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