Numerology for Baby’s Arrival

Numerology for Baby’s Arrival

Now wouldn’t that be interesting. Selecting your baby’s date of birth to bring in the numbers that would support your baby’s life.

Our Induced or C-section babies support this as we can chat with our doctors to allow our babies to be born on a certain day. This would bring in the vibrations to support a healthy, smart and well-rounded little cherub. The baby could be brought though on a certain day to harmonise or strengthen the family. Hmmm something to think on isn’t it.

Our date of birth gives us who we are in this lifetime our destiny our struggles our karma brought forward and even our environments that we will find ourselves in….all of that in just a date of birth.

Just saying though… if you have had a baby already you will know that they can make up their own minds on when they come on in to this world. Especially if they are insistent on their own date and vibration.

So if we had a choice, would we set the day that our cherub will arrive… I wonder ?

Numerology Baby Report Packages…just ask


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