March 2015 Guiding Light News

March 2015 Guiding Light News

Welcome to the 1th Edition of our 12th year of publication.

Hello again… 12 years in publication Yahhhhhoooo. There have been lots of stories and many many workshops and gatherings done. With many friendships made. Thank you for your support in listening to my words.

Big hugs all round.

Well remember I was off on a trip to Lama Tender in Melbourne to learn Traditional Mandalas….well what a journey. It started off probably about a week before I even left, of alligning my energies through sincronised events that poped in. Then came my first trip on my own. Big nerves and did it….Yahhhooo again. The week with Lama Tendar was a blessed experience shared with lovelly like minded souls. We chanted, prayed, meditated and teaching where shared on life and buddhism. 7pm till 5 pm each day, but some of us just loved the experiece so much we painted till midnight most nights. Traditional Mandalas are learnt by the Lamas guidence as there are no notes just the memories in his head with little twigs along the way that he feels we need to be doing with our Mandala as soul connects to soul. Creating a Personal Peace mandala to protect us as we allow ourself to bloom. It took all those six days to complete my Mandala. I loved the whole experiece and have already booked for a bigger Mandala next year. If you ever get the opportunity….

PS: Would you like him to come to Adelaide and do a 6 day retreat on Mandalas let me know and we may be able to arrange something as I would love to share.

One more thing just to share….one of my photoes got accepted in the 6th annual Solar Arts Prize. I am a finalist yahhhhooo… he he. This is an exhibition about caring for our lands and what climate change is doing to it and us.

Exhibition is on the 15th March to 13th April 2015 at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts Institute Building Adelaide city.

Opening 2pm March 15th.

One more Yahhhho


PS Our Ghost Tour night will be Sat. night 2nd May Halloween. Keep an eye out for more information as we get closer to the date.

PSS also a woman’s circle will begin in the western suburbs soon.

PSSS Meditation Gathering will start soon in the Western Suburbs soon too. On a Tuesday night we hope…


A Gift for You

This month I offer you a Numerology Report to describe your 2015 year ahead. What do you have to be wary of or step into? The Magic of numbers tells all.

Needing your birth name and date of birth thank you

On line reports only and yes you may book on line on my HOME Page

Normal price $110… $55 each.

Vouchers are Available.

Yes ½ price….book soon.

Keep an eye out for this months Face book share and go into the draw to win one free Numerology Report for self or another.

Spread the word.



MONDAYS: 7pm – 9.30pm

$15 per person

No meditation on Public Holidays or if Christine is travelling

& 9th March for Adelaide cup day.

Apologies for closing Tuesday morning Meditation, but with my work load at the gallery now there just is not enough time in my days to do it all. Thank you for understanding.



Yes we are having a Full Moon Gathering on Thursday 5th March. Full Moon in Virgo…come discover the energies of the moon and the month ahead. 7pm start Investment $20. Come in quiet and covered arms, legs and women in dresses please to respect the energies of a sacred space.

Bookings required so check out my events page on FB. Thank you



Yes I am teaching again…

Who would like to do there Reiki 1…well I have scheduled one in for the 7th and 8th of March if you are interested. Fine tune your awareness and energy channels with 4 attunements, course notes and plenty of practice on this full weekend. Investment is only $200 with a certificate gifted on completion. I still remember my Reiki I all those years ago and how it changed my life for the better…book on line at


PSYCHIC Development Weekend

Next Date: March 14th & 15th 2015

10am till 5pm

Hosted by Ann-Joyce Hancock

Psychic Medium

Assisted by Christine Sinclair

A fun weekend with Like Minded Souls. Build your intuition and gain the understanding, as you practise many psychic modalities over this weekend. It will be shared as a come and try weekend, full of lots of treats. So you may see if you like the way a modality feels before you develop the modality further..

We will be looking at Divination Tools, Scrying, Past Lives, Totem Animals, Sprites Devas Angels & Ascended Masters and Numerology… let me take a breathe……Book in soon as we share in small groups for ease of learning.

Bring a shared lunch and your own unique intuition so we may develop.

Next Course to look out for is Channelling, the Medium ship Courses

Book: ring Ann Joyce on 0421700877 Inv. $250.

This one is almost booked out.


Australian Wheel of the Year

Next Date: March 21st & 22nd 2015

10am till 5pm

This weekend is held on Mabon Sabbath Autumn Equinox

Let me share the celebrations of our year; how to celebrate our seasons at the right time for us, so we may be in line with the rotations of our world. What is the history and stories behind each celebration, the symbols and alters. Together we will share our DNA wisdoms & memories. As we learning, grow, do circle work and crafts. Fun hey

Investment: $250. Paid in full a week before course

Bring a shared lunch thank you



Next Date: March 27th 2015

Last Friday of the month

Subject either:


This night is a fun social night with like minded souls. Come join us share chat and play. This is an open circle, so come along and share together. Inv. $20


From Grandmother Christine

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