Knowing is Healing

Knowing is Healing

Hi there

This weeks subject is on understanding how to heal our self. Many illnesses start from stress and I feel when we know why we are stressing we will heal.

The first step to wellbeing is looking at our life and being honest to ourselves. We all know what is right or wrong for us. We all know where we are going and how we are choosing to journey through your life. My thoughts are that we come into this world knowing our destiny our path and then somewhere along the way we forget about self and start living for others. Our destiny can become forgotten and we walk our life searching, searching for self again. Our kind generous nature surrogates illness, manifest illness and triggers past life ailments & illness along the way. We are here to learn and grow on an emotional level. When we are unwell we need to think about it, but we are human so we get caught up in the emotions of it all…poor me, why me and so on. It would be great if we looked at illness as a learning curve and think on it before accepting it. The questions that we probably should ask self is: Why do I have this illness. Is it from another, am I a surrogate. Is it from an emotion or a past life in my DNA. Remember we know our path and we will only have the answers from self.

When we know we heal. The process will begin. We can support this process by adding light to self and acknowledge our part in this healing process. Speak well about your life, your body, the situations you find yourself in will heal itself. Yes being positive against adversities really helps. Making life simple not complicated. Just a note here I never take an illness lightly and do respect the amount of courage people go through while unwell. This is just a thought that has helped myself my family and many clients of mine, I am sharing a thought.

“Knowing is Healing” is my mantra for this coming year….you may like to try these words too.

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