February 2015 Guiding Light News

February 2015 Guiding Light News

Welcome to the 12th Edition of our 11th year of publication.

Welcome back….this year is really stretching us as we try new things and reflect on how far we have come. I have not even been able to do my predictions for the year as this year came in early and is manifesting quick that there has been no time. We think this year and it will happen….balmy

One thing I would like to share with you all….I got asked to exhibit in a pop up gallery called De La Liff … level 2 Rundle Place in our fair city of Adelaide. Off course along with many other exceptional artists, but I was asked to join them. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. Launch was last week so settling now….I have 3 of my full moon collection there…23cm by 23cm Framed Prints $40… 50cm by 50cm Framed Prints $60 and 3 originals $250

I am also off to visit Lama Tender in Melbourne to learn Traditional Mandalas….I feel blessed at the moment. I hope your year is all you are asking for….


PS Our Ghost Tour night will be Sat. night 2nd May Halloween. Keep an eye out for more information as we get closer to the date.

PSS also a woman’s circle will begin in the western suburbs soon.

PSSS Meditation Gathering will start soon in the Western Suburbs soon too. On a Tuesday night we hope…


Happy Valentine’s Day to self…

Do you ever think to gift yourself? Maybe even for a whole month … he he …. Why not! Do you love you like you or except who you are yet?

Self love is so valuable for growth and for your life to flow. If you dislike you or put yourself down regularly then your life will become blocked as you may think you do not deserve.


A Gift for You

This month I offer you a Past Life Regression to discover your Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Are they with you now waiting in the wings? Are you with them now?

Or are they your own personal guide for this life time. Let a Past Life Regression reveal it all. Maybe even unblock self worth issues, so you may be open to true love finally in this life time….Come discover Past Life Regression.

In consulting/studio room only and yes you may book on line at


Normal price $110… $55 each.

Vouchers are Available.

Yes ½ price….book soon.

Keep an eye out for this months Face book share and go into the draw to win one free Treatment for self or another.

Expires end of February

Spread the word.



MONDAYS: 7pm – 9.30pm

$15 per person

No meditation on Public Holidays or if Christine is travelling

Apologies for closing Tuesday morning Meditation, but with my work load at the gallery now there just is not enough time in my days to do it all. Thank you for understanding.



Celebrating Lamas too.

Yes we are having a Full Moon Gathering on Thursday 5th Feb. Full Moon in Leo…come discover the energies of the moon and the month ahead. 7pm start Investment $20. Come in quiet and covered arms, legs and women in dresses please to respect the energies of a sacred space.

Bookings required so check out my events page on FB. Thank you



Yes I am teaching again…

Learn to read your own Tarot Cards. Starts Tues night 3rd Feb 7pm start till 9.30pm. An 11 week program… Investment $350 paid up front or $35 per week.

Basic Feng Shui for Home and Office workshop for 2015. One full day…7th February. 10am till 5pm Bring your plans of home or office and a share lunch and I will show you how to bring prosperity and harmony into your home. You will also discover what 2015 has in store of you…plus much more. Investment is $150…book soon as I keep this workshop small for ease of learning.

Who would like to do there Reiki 1…well I have scheduled one in for the 7th and 8th of March if you are interested. Fine tune your awareness and energy channels with 4 attunements, course notes and plenty of practice on this full weekend. Investment is only $200 with a certificate gifted on completion. I still remember my Reiki I all those years ago and how it changed my life for the better…book on line



Next Date: Feb 27th 2015

Last Friday of the month

Subject either:

Channeling the Masters or Making our own Divination Sticks?

I will see what the group would like to do. This night is a fun social night with like minded souls. Come join us share chat and play. This is an open circle, so come along and share together. Inv. $20


Next Date: 6th February Grandmother Kay and I will be facilitating this one together.

This has become a CLOSED CIRCLE

From Grandmother Christine

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