April 2015 Guiding Light News

April 2015 Guiding Light News

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of our 12th year of publication.

Hello all….how have you all been travelling. I hear a lot of people out there are still are having a difficult time of life, with families splitting and relationships thinning. I listen a lot before I speak and yes it is sad as over the past few years we have really learnt a lot on how to stand tall in our own shoes. There is a time in our lives when we grow into an adult but that time does not activate till we know we have and live like an adult. The child becomes the adolescent and then the adolescent becomes the adult. Now at this time our parents will wonder what the heck has happened to their child. There child is behaving different, well off course they are an adult. Making their own decisions. We are continually changing and evolving daily. We are never in the wrong place at the wrong time. All our lives are experiences and it would be great if we understood those experiences as they allow us to grow into responsible, honourable and happy adults. If you are not this person then you have missed a few growing experiences.

Change is all around us so let’s get with living.

Life is what it is … let’s make the most of this experience.

Just some observations and thoughts, that’s all.

At present I am setting up each month for some personal clients a monthly reading for them. Well I have decided to do this for all soon. When you know about your month ahead you will be more alert on how to walk it. Look out for Subscriptions soon.

Yes my Waterfall Exhibition is coming along nicely and still Exhibiting in the city and country galleries. I am having fun being an adult.

Meaning of Adult: Fully grown or developed. That’s me he he


PS Our Ghost Tour night will be Sat. night 2nd May Halloween. Keep an eye out for more information as we get closer to the date.

PSS also a woman’s circle will begin in the western suburbs soon.

PSSS Meditation Gathering will start soon in the Western Suburbs soon too. On a Tuesday night we hope…


A Gift for You

This month I offer you an Energy Treatment. Isis Seichim is a hand off treatment that works on your Soul… Your Soul knows your path and to allow life to flow smoothly we energize the soul. I think we all need a little of this.

Come try Isis Seichim energies and feel how light and brighter you will feel.

In Studio only

Normally $110

April 2015 only $55 yes ½ Price

Share and be in the chance to receive a free treatment for yourself or a friend.



MONDAYS: 7pm – 9.30pm

$15 per person

No meditation on Public Holidays or if Christine is travelling & the 6th April for

Easter Monday.

Apologies for closing Tuesday morning Meditation, but with my work load at the gallery now there just is not enough time in my days to do it all. Thank you for understanding.



Yes we are having a Full Moon Gathering on Friday 3 April. Full Moon in Libra and it is called “The Good Will Moon”. Life should be a wee bit peaceful after this moon…comes discover the energies of the moon and the month ahead. 7pm start Investment $20. Come in quiet and covered arms, legs and women in dresses please to respect the energies of a sacred space.

Bookings required so check out my events page on FB. Thank you



Yes I am teaching again…

Numerology Workshop in Mt Gambier

Saturday 18th April 2015

Come join me in discovering the magic in numbers. Learn more about you…your Destiny, your Struggles, why you are here on this earth plain, what does your names vibration gift to you and you can even discover the compatibilities in your relationships. We are going to have so much fun….who will join me for one day 10am till 5pm learning all about you your environment and life through numbers. Investment is $150 for the day and bring a shared lunch…everything else including notes will be provided with certificate on completion.

Keep an eye out as I am heading up the Murray Bridge for a Past Life weekend and Tarot Reading day…soon


Wesak Full Moon Gathering

and Meditation

3rd May 2015

Limited seats so book in early for this one.


Halloween Tour

2nd May 2015

Limited seats so book in early for this one.



Next Date: April 24th 2015

Last Friday of the month

Subject either:


This night is a fun social night with like minded souls. Come join us share, chat and play. This is an open circle, so come along and share together. Inv. $20

Tonight we will have lots of boxes around as we use our tools and gifts to discover what is inside of them. If you get it right you win the box. Let’s see what you have learnt up to now…

From Grandmother Christine

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